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Natural disasters and power outages are difficult to anticipate, but with a little preparation you can make sure you’ll be in the best possible shape should you find yourself facing a scenario where there is suddenly no power. In almost any disaster, you can be sure that electrical power will be spotty at best and unavailable at worse and access to fuel for running generators or even basic transportation will be limited or non-existent.

In many areas (semi urban and rural of the country, Power cuts can appear in an instant and wreak havoc that can last for days or weeks. One way to be sure you’re as prepared as possible is to examine every option for supplying power to your Petrol Stations essential systems, such as Fuel Filling Machine, Fire Fighting Equipment.

Generators are still considered to be a vital part in Power cuts around the globe. But generators can be noisy and messy and are very heavy to move should the need arise. Another important consideration is the fact that they are expensive to run, and access to precious fuel may not always be available. if Petrol Pumps don’t have electrical power they can’t pump the fuel.

AGES has complete solution for Petrol Pumps Energy Requirements, starting from exact need of energy to Design to implementation to operation and after sales support.

We can Give you solution in these way

1. Only Office & outer can Design with Solar & Led light
2.Pump Nozzle Can Also Run with Solar
3.Complete load can convert on Solar

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