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Yes! We offer quality SOLAR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM based on absorption cooling systems.

Outcome of intensive research brings a unique revolutionary concept in the world of Air Conditioning. The novel feature of our system is that it does not have compressor and it is free from Ozone depleting CFC.

Solar Air Conditioning system is based on Solar Energy, which is FREE forever, resulting in tremendous savings of electricity bills. Solar Air-Conditioning System are currently available for large-scale centralized applications, with capacities of 60 TR and above. In near future the Solar Air Conditioning System (SACS) will be introduced for household applications.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Conventional Air Conditioners and refrigerators use a lot of electricity, or in the case of absorption cooling system, gas or some other combustible liquid. Reducing the consumption of these Energy sources, means less greenhouse gas production. Also non CFC based functioning of SACS makes it eco-friendly by preventing depletion of Ozone layer.
  • Flexibility – By using heat exchangers, and in particular heat pipe style heat exchangers,Oris Replica Watches liquids (e.g. refrigeration fluid) can be heated to high temperatures.
  • Economic Saving – Reduce electricity bills by using Solar Energy to run Air Conditioners, refrigerators and Freezers, provide central heating (Radiative or Air), Cool water for drinking and supply hot water.
  • Suits Large Scale Applications – Solar powered Air-Conditioning and refrigeration is ideal for hotels, supermarkets, schools, factories, and large office premises etc.
  • Practical – When do you need Air-Conditioning? Summer.Jaeger Lecoultre Replica When is the sun shining the strongest? Summer. Throughout the year, solar thermal output and thus Air Conditioning output, match building cooling requirements.


  • Novel concept of using Solar Thermal Energy for Air Conditioners
  • No CFC, 100% Eco Friendly design an Effective step to protect Ozone depletion.
  • No moving parts, No compressor, hence no costly maintenance and “Silent”
  • Operates above 93% COP.
  • Sub-zero temperature possible.
  • Wide range of capacities varies from 60TR to 600 TR and even above.
  • Large parabolic Solar Concentrator offers most efficient output.
  • Centrally controlled automatic Sun Tracking mechanism.
  • Extended period of operations possible even after Sunny hours.
  • Do not require highly qualified personnel to maintain the system.
  • Attractive and Elegant FCU’s.
  • True RH control for most comfortable environment.
  • Simple Design
  • Multiple Utilities Generated using a Single System : Ammonia/Water
  • Very Low Operating Costs : chilled and hot water circulation pumps along with the FCU power consumption will be same as that of conventional vapor compression air conditioning systems, the ammonia solution pump will consume less than 1/20th of the power consumed by the compressor of a conventional vapor compression system thus cutting the operating costs.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: It has very few moving parts. SACS has a diaphragm solution pump instead of a compressor.
  • During Non-Sunny days LPG can be used as backup energy source.


  • No compressor hence 100% saving on Electricity bills towards largest power consuming component i.e. Compressor
  • No need to have additional system for Hot Water Generation. Which results in saving on capital investment as well as on running cost.
  • Free cool drinking water approx. 1,500 Liters. Per Day @18°C
  • Payback period works out to be less than three years.
  • 100% depreciation in 1 year itself under section 32 of income tax Act 1956.
  • Subsidy from MNRE on Solar System.
  • User can be eligible for getting World recognized Eco-friendly awards and carbon credits.
  • Can easily be configured to existing system with quick change over mode.

Impact on energy usage

  • Up to 75% saving in Primary Energy Usage for Air Conditioning, while about 90% energy consumed by the compressor will be saved, the FCU fans, chilled and hot water pumps will consume the same power as the conventional vapor compression chiller based air conditioning systems.
  • 100% Saving in Primary Energy Usage for Hot Water Generation entire heat supplied by the solar Concentrator to the Ammonia/Water Absorption Heat Pump will be recovered in the form of hot water at 50 to 55°c
  • Lower Solar Concentrator Area : multiple use of heat collected by the high temperature Solar Concentrator helps reduce the total Collector area required using separate Solar chilling and water heating systems.
  • Environment Friendly Technology reduced primary energy consumption will help reduces CO2 emissions and Global Warming.
  • Environment Friendly Refrigerant NH3 is an ozone friendly natural refrigerant