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Off - Grid


Off-grid solar power stores DC electricity in batteries.  The addition of an inverter allows this system to convert DC electrical current coming from the batteries into AC or alternating current.  AC is the standard form of electricity for anything that “plugs in” to utility power and is the appropriate current for common household appliances.

Advantages of Off-Grid Solar Systems.

1. No access to the utility grid

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Off-grid solar systems can be cheaper than extending power lines in certain remote areas.

2. Become energy self-sufficient

Living off the grid and being self-sufficient feels good. For some people, this feeling is worth more than saving money. Energy  self-sufficiency is also a form of security. Power failures on the utility grid do not affect off-grid .

Equipment for Off-Grid Solar Systems

Typical off-grid solar systems require the following extra components:

Solar Charge Controller

  1.  Battery Bank
  2.  DC Disconnect (additional)
  3.  Off-Grid Inverter

Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers are also known as charge regulators or just battery regulators. The last term is probably the best to describe what this device actually does: Solar battery chargers limit the rate of current being delivered to the battery bank and protect the batteries from overcharging.

Good charge controllers are crucial for keeping the batteries healthy, which ensures the lifetime of a battery bank is maximized. If you have a battery-based inverter, chances are that the charge controller is integrated.

 Battery Bank

Without a battery bank (or a generator) it’ll be lights out by sunset. A battery bank is essentially a group of batteries wired together.

DC Disconnect Switch

AC and DC safety disconnects are required for all solar systems. For off-grid solar systems, one additional DC disconnect is installed between the battery bank and the off-grid inverter. It is used to switch off the current flowing between these components. This is important for maintenance, troubleshooting and protection against electrical fires.

Off-Grid Inverter

You will need an inverter to convert DC to AC for all other electrical appliances.

Off-grid inverters do not have to match phase with the utility sine wave as opposed to grid-tie inverters. Electrical current flows from the solar panels through the solar charge swiss replica watches controller and the bank battery bank before it is finally converted into AC by the off-grid-inverter.


210Wp Off-Grid Solar System


1 x Moser Baer 210Wp Solar Panel

1 x Microtack SureSine-1000Va Inverter

1 x 12V Charge Controller

1 x Exide 150 Ah Battery

starting at Rs.45000/-



420Wp Off-Grid Solar System


2 x Moser Baer 210Wp Solar Panel

1 x Microtack SureSine-1000Va Inverter

1 x 12V Charge Controller

1 x Exide 150 Ah Battery

starting at Rs.63000/-