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Anya green energy was among the few companies in early 2010 which aims to bring the Green Revolution by creating a mass awareness about adopting the green energy for the sustainable and promising future. Though it was a challenging decision but with the help of team and the regular effort we were able to create the impact of of solar energy in the people’s mind.

Since our beginning in April 2013 to till date we have able to install more than 3800 solar pumps ranging from 0.5 HP to 15 HP under the various government schemes as well as in the private sector.

In late 2013 and early 2014 with the help of NABARD and other government sector we executed more than 5000 mini Solar Power Plant in various districts of Uttar pradesh. These power plant were installed on government House, schools, community buildings.

We have done various Roof top projects ranging from 1kw to 100 kw for the domestic ,commercial and industrial applications and put together the count goes beyond 4000 kw.

We introduced the concept of running the Flour Mill(aata chakki) and oil mills without Grid and without Generator and at present we have many satisfied client base working in this segment and making huge profit by cutting down their daily basis expense.

Each effort in adoption of green Energy has contributed significantly towards reducing the carbon emission, reducing the water wastage to produce the electricity and finally saving the trees and growing them too.

We proudly find ourselves in helping thousands of farmers by educating them to adopt the newer technology in the field of irrigation and use of solar water pumps for the better crop production hence achieving the better life quality and we believe this is the greatest achievement for us.

The newer technology in the irrigation not only saves the significant amount of water but also double the income of farmers which bring prosperity among all.

These are the few core achievements apart from many others and counting the same….