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Solar Water Pump

Solar water pumps are stand-alone systems powered by solar a photovoltaic module, that delivers power to Water Pumps all through day time. During the day light, solar photovoltaic modules generate DC power which is fed to the DC Centrifugal surface pumps for lifting water from open wells or reservoirs or for lift irrigation with 10 to 30 Miter water head. This ensures very high overall water delivery when the pump is operated throughout the day. The whole system is simple and robust and is absolutely maintenance free for years. And best of all it can be operated everywhere no matter how far you are from the grid because sun is available almost everywhere free of cost!

Day or Night water pumping method uses a battery for energy storage for easy pump starting and so water can be pumped at any time. This method has some significant advantages. Water can be pumped during the day or night, in any weather. This can be critical for such applications as diverting flood waters, or providing potable water during emergencies. The battery adds some cost, but since the PV array does not have to be large enough to start the pump, the system cost can actually be lower. An MPPT solar charge controller optimizes the energy harvest from the array and the inverter converts the DC to solid AC power for almost any pump. The pumps can be any size and single phase or 3 phase. Designing this system starts with selecting the pump to meet the water needs. The inverter and battery are sized to provide enough power to drive the pump. The PV array must simply recharge the battery in the daytime.

AC Water Pumps: For high amounts of water, a large AC pump is usually required. These pumps require well regulated 3 phase AC voltage and current. By using an AC variable speed controller called a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), the pump motor will have the proper voltage and current. The trick is to supply DC from the PV array directly into the DC bus inside the VFD. The normal AC input is not used. As the sun rises and PV voltage and current increase, some VFD products will accept the input and when the power is high enough, it will start the pump. The PV array must be large enough to provide enough power to start the pump with including the head of water. The size of the PV array required for this method can be very expensive. This method will only pump when there is plenty of sunshine, but large pumps can be driven by large PV arrays.

Features –

  • There is an automatic protection against low voltage/high voltage and dry run in the inverter.
  • It is an energy efficient pump.
  • Maintenance cost is also quite less.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It saves electricity and fuel.

Application –

  • Prove helpful in supplying water to the rural community.
  • Provide water the dwellings and farming regions.
  • Fulfill Livestock watering requirements.
  • Meet the water requirements in Micro-irrigation.
  • Fish culture ponds.
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