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Continuing the count of Satisfied.

The moment we get associated to any customer, we always tent to be the best service provider to him and we treat each and every customers with the same motto and service. We strongly believe that our happy and satisfied customers are our biggest asset who can actually do wonders for us.

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Saving the Environment with Green.

The maximum use of new and renewable energy in the form of
green energy will help us to fight against global warming as well as will preserve the natural resources which are
currently being used to fulfil the energy need. We strongly believe in saving the nature hence we always aim to educate
and make the people aware about the usage green energy hence giving a healthier tomorrow for generations to come.

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Technicality and Technical staff

Optimized Solar Power Generation needs a highest quality of technical input
which can be provided by the skilled technical personnel’s. We at Anya Green Energy Solutions are groomed with highly

technical team which can deliver any task with highest level of perfection resulting the great satisfaction of customers

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