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Solar Flour Mill

Domestic and commercial flour mills and oil mills has been the key to meet our daily need of flour and oil for the centuries now. The traditional method to operate these mills from Diesel engines and electricity has been a great concern to its business owners due to ever increasing prices of fuels and electricity thus a great amount of profitability is going down.
We have a very unique and time tested solution to over come this situation. The best option to run these kind of industry is to go solar. We can easily power these industries with solar power plant and the long lasting life span of solar panels makes it very lucrative and is widely accepted by the mass.


When ever we run a flour mill or oil mill industry with solar mostly we do not do any internal changes in its current fittings. So in most of the cases , we convert the normal flour mill or oil mill into the solar flour mill by powering them through the solar power plant. The main component includes the Solar panels, VFD drives, and other accessories required for the complete installation of the system.