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Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters use natural sun light to heat water. This system works on the thermosiphon principle and is designed to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. This is the most effective way to generate hot water thereby saving costly power and is also environment friendly. The extra thick SS inner tank & high density PUF insulation makes owning the Solar water heater a superior choice ensuring years of trouble free hot water for you and your family.


It is a cost-effective system for residential hot water appliances, designed to provide hot water without consuming electricity, which makes it environment-friendly.

Specially designed anodized aluminum alloy stand is weather-proof and prevents corroding unlike MS/Steel stands. The aesthetics are designed to enhance the look of your terrace

Evacuated glass tubes ensures water to stay warm for long time duration as it has 2 concentric glass tubes which prevent heat loss.

Rust-resistant outer body which helps in better durability of the water heater. Its powder-coated outer body resist corrosion.

The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements which might lead to breakage of inner tank. The system prevents corrosive elements which in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.

High density CFC-Free polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation for maximum energy efficiency and Its helps to keep water warmer for a longer time.

High-quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank ensures high resistance to corrosion, and it is a food grade material.


As people are getting conscious about their surrounds, more and more are bending towards an eco-friendly approach towards sustainable living. Solar water heaters make one of the best ways to get hot water, while being a great electricity saver. Anya Green Energy is associated with premium companies of India like Havells for solar product in India. In its pursuit of crafting high-quality appliances, Havells has come up with an online range of solar water geyser.

Apt for both residential and commercial applications, the solar water heaters by Havells are the best in terms of efficiency and long-lasting performance. These water heating appliances are designed to generate hot water without using electricity, which makes them environment-friendly. The solar water geyser features a high-quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank and evacuated glass tubes to ensure that the water stays warm for long duration.

Check online for solar water heater models, different capacities, review features, compare prices and crack the best deals on your preferred geyser. Whether it’s your home or office, get hot water instantly with electricity saver solar geysers. If electricity cut off is a problem in your area, worry not as you can install these water heating appliances to get hot water anytime